Rack mount kit for 4 New Aastro

Installation Guide for Mounting Bracket

This guide provides brief introduction and usage method for Mounting Bracket.
HDBaseT Extender is consist of one HDBaseT Transmitter and one HDBaseT Receiver, this Mounting Bracket with 4 slots is designed for fixing four Transmitters or Receivers.


1. Preparation


Take out all spare parts form the packaging box, and check them carefully. If you find any defective or missing parts, please contact your local dealer.

Packing List:
8 x Support (1) 4 x Support (2) 1 x Main Frame
3 x Baffle plates 12 x Screws(3*6mm) 6 x Screws(2.5*5mm)
1 x Installation Guide

Prepare Spare Parts

Main Frame
Support (1) Support (2) HDBaseT Extender (1)


HDBaseT Extender (2)


Baffle plates Screws(3*6mm) Screws(2.5*5mm)
  • Pictures for reference only, subject to our existing products.

2. Installation procedure

Step 1. Connect one Support (1) and one Support (2) to HDBaseT Extender (1), and fix them with screws (3*6mm). Step 2. Connect two Supports (1) to HDBaseT Extender (2), and fix them with screws (3*6mm).
Step 3. Put transmitters or receivers insert the slots, and then tighten the captive screws. For the empty slots, install baffle plates with screws (2.5*5mm) to cover them. Step 4. After installation is completed, install it on your machine frame.

3. Dimensional Drawing

Dimension (W*H*D) 483.00mm × 44.00mm ×11.50 (External Frame)

155.60mm × 34.80mm (Internal Square Frame)

Net Weight (g) 211g


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