Aastro DIN rail Distribution Block

The AC-BLK-12-D Provides a convenient method for the distribution of S-NET for 12 modules.
Operating voltage of 12 VDC is applied. Twelve 4-pin connectors are provided, grouped in two sets of six.



  • Provides S-Net connection for 12 S-Net terminated boards to expand connectivity
  • Separate power bus for each channel
  • Detachable terminal blocks for easy termination
  • Diagnostic LEDs for S-NET signal connection
  • Complete solution for power distribution for all Aastro Lighting/ Dimming modules for a complete Automation Solution
  • DIN rail Mountable


1. Electrical Specification

  • Operating voltage : 12 VDC.
  • Operating Temperature : 0 – 45°.

2. Controls & Indications

  • PWR : (Red ) Illuminates when DC power is applied on S-NET.
  • S+, S-: (Green)Indicate S-NET signals connection error.

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